"Hello World": An introduction to the community


Hey everyone!

Just checking in to say hi and kick off this new community.



Thanks for joining up so early on, Allhopeforhumanity! Besides SmallFormFactor, I have some friends coming aboard from TabletPCReview as well, so this will be a jam-packed and actioned-packed ride for everyone. Right now, I will be busily loading up plug-ins and categorizing sections and subsections here while simultaneously get the main WordPress review and news sites up and running. For the current menu on this site’s cuisine, we have small form factor cases, tablet PCs, and headphones. That already is quite a wide range of products to tackle, but I hope to get folks from each corner who have a thing or two to say about it to chime in. Again, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride! -HiFi


Hey all, nice to have an alternate space to discuss and in case our community forums go down, thanks for setting it up Hedgy!


Yes indeed, it’s good to have a safe haven available. Thanks!