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Welcome to Tech & Tiny Forum, your one-stop Internet community for friendly discussion of the trifecta of small gadgetry: small form factor computing, tablet PCs, and headphones. I am your host and admin, HiFiHedgehog. Glad to have made your acquintance. For now, I am busy getting the site up and running, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dig in and start up some from conversation, so have at it. Discourse is the engine that drives our fun conversations here, meaning instant replies and user engagement like no other forum software in the world. I am have dug in and gotten my hands dirty in the worlds of headphone audiophilia, SFF, and tablet computers so I will be sharing my discoveries and reviews here. Have something valuable to share that you have built, that is newsworthy or nostalgic, or that you just find plain interesting? Post away! Have fun. -HiFi


hey there, coming over from TabletPCreview…


Welcome, artistebot! :sonic:


Well - if the site warning is serious,

" We believe in civilized community behavior at all times."

and my reputation from TabletPCReview precedes my, I’m already out of luck…